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Things to Do in Ferrara


Este Castle (Castello Estense)
10 Tours and Activities

This iconic castle located in the heart of Ferrara dates back to the 1300s and stands as an homage to an ancient era that still attracts travelers and history lovers to its towering gates. Visitors who want to explore this scenic destination will find restored prisons, barracks and weapon stores, in addition to gardens, a council hall, and dozens of other restored and renovated rooms that showcase what life here was like thousands of years ago.

Travelers say the idyllic drawbridge, Giants’ Room and the old school dungeon are some of the spots in this massive castle that are not to be missed. And while the castle’s interior is still covered with frescos, visitors say some are badly in need of restoration to return them to their original beauty.

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Diamond Palace (Palazzo dei Diamanti)
2 Tours and Activities

The 15th-century Palazzo dei Diamanti (Diamond Palace) is one of the top places for art in the Renaissance city of Ferrara, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The palace is home to two of Ferrara’s most important art museums and holds temporary art shows throughout the year.

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